Dynam Communication supports Zultys Customers

Dynam Communications provides support for Zultys Technologies customers…

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What Is a PBX Phone System? Everything You Need To Know – Forbes Advisor

Source: What Is a PBX Phone System? Everything You Need To Know – Forbes Advisor A private branch exchange, or PBX, is a telephone system that allows extension phones in one office to connect to the telephone network in another office. In other words, it enables employees in one office to those in other offices, […]


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Many companies are choosing a Voice over IP (VoIP) solution to reduce their monthly telephone expenses. If your company has 35 telephone numbers (DIDs) for example, each month you’re paying for the telephone numbers (about $8 each) plus about $35 per telephone line.  This doesn’t include your long distance charges.

With Voice over IP (VoIP), Dynam Communications installs a voice server, new state of the art telephones, and works with one of our carrier partners to install a T1/PRI to your office, we then have your existing phone numbers pointed to the T1. Once that’s done, you simply cancel your analog lines and save about $35 per line per month. Our carriers also provide thousands of free long distance minutes every month to each of our customers….we see to it!

Our solutions pay for themselves just with the money you save. Our philosphy at Dynam Commuincations is simply, “talk IS cheap!”.

Contact us today to see how much we can save you.

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Like we told you, “talk IS cheap!”