Dynam Communication supports Zultys Customers

Dynam Communication provides support for users of the Zultys VoIP (IP PBX) telephone system.  Many businesses that use a Zultys product, model MX30 or MX250, have contacted Dynam for support.  The most common reason is that Zultys distributes their systems through local resellers who, quite frequently, mark the price of the product and support to a point that a business cannot afford to throw the system away but cannot afford to pay the price for support.

Dynam Communications provides onsite support, remote support, and telephone support and most of the time it’s free.  Dynam Communications believes that providing QUALITY support for free or affordable pricing, will earn customer loyalty.  When the customer needs additional licenses, capabilities, or needs a phone system for a new office; they’ll purchase these through Dynam Communications.  win-win.

Dynam Communications.  Because talk IS cheap!

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