Use Zultys MXIE on the iPhone

You can connect to the zultys/mxie server from your iphone by downloading a free SIP phone application. I used Media5-fone which is a free softphone. It allows you to make calls purely off the wifi/data network through your Zultys VOIP server at work.

While zultys hasn’t yet created it’s own iphone application, this appears to be the next best thing.

After downloading the application from the App Store, go to the main iphone settings icon, click on media5-fone, put in your server’s address, username, and password and other settings, and start using the app.

Outgoing calls work perfectly and will send out your work caller ID. Incoming calls however require you to keep a constant connection to the MX250 which drains batterylife, so it’s a toss up. To keep a constant connection, go into the apps settings and disable powersaving mode.



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