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Businesses must get the right phone system, supporting the requirements of their staff as well as customers. Poor communication can lead to loss of productivity, harming the entire business in significant ways. So, make sure you get the best phone system for your office.

While seeking Office phone systems, besides your budget, you must also consider what are the features that can help enhance your communication level?


This is a useful feature that entertains the caller while placed in a call queue. Your customers will not be annoyed by the ringing sound as they wait. Phone greeting comes with an average length of 15 seconds which certainly diverts people’s minds while they are on hold.


Do you have a receptionist for answering incoming calls? If not, how can you ensure that customers are diverted to the right department? The auto-attendant would probably be the best way to go. It greets callers, asking what kind of help they require, and based on their answers guide places them in the right direction.

Call logs

The details of calls made through a VoIP telephone system are kept with the help of software including date and time, duration, caller ID, and sent or accepted to voicemail. These data can be used for tracking your sales activity.

Call queue

If you get more calls beyond your capacity of handling, this feature would be your best friend. This is because your callers won’t get irritated by the constant ringing noises. An automated message will inform them that they are in a call queue and also an approximate waiting time.


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